The 5 Top Places in Asia to Enjoy Wildlife

Are you addicted to wildlife? If you could go anywhere in the world, where you could feast upon fierce carnivores and the most stunning of all birds, would you go to jungles and sanctuaries? Are Animal Planet and National Geographic your favorite television channels? If thе answer to these questions yes, then why don’t you take a safari vacation package аnd have your very own jungle experience.

Here are five places in Asia where you can discover wildlife:

Goa: A popular seaside destination, Goa is known for its captivating beaches and exciting sporting events. The country’s churches, forts, monuments, and fortifications also take up some of the spotlights. People who have taken a Goa tour know that the state has plenty to satisfy the needs of nature enthusiasts. The state has quite a few parks and sanctuaries, including the Mahavira Wildlife Sanctuary, the Salim Ali Bird Park, and the Bondla Sanctuary. A Goa trip can be organized with help from a travel agency.

Rajasthan is another state in India that is very popular with safari-loving tourists. The most famous sanctuary in this region is Ranthambhor National Park, home to animals, including endangered tigers. The roar of the tiger can send chills down your spine the moment you step into that arena. If you are lucky, you might even see one in the mood for hunting.

Kerala: Kerala vacation packages are also known for trips to the state’s many wildlife reserves. A vast variety of beasts and birds can be seen in Periyar and Eravikulam, two of the most popular sites in Kerala. In addition, the green hills and lagoons that dot the state offers ample bird-watching opportunities to every visitor.

Singapore: Outside of India, the country known as Singapore is one of the best places for an ideal night out. You can watch nocturnal creatures through night-sensitive torches during the Night Safari, which will give you goosebumps. A Singapore package also includes visiting Jurong Bird Park, Asia’s most extensive bird park housing hundreds of birds. A must-visit place for every traveler! A snake farm is another exciting prospect at Jurong Reptile Park, and you can have an exciting time gorging and even touching these creepy crawlers. There is also the Singapore Zoo, where you can get cozy with the trained chimps and orangutans.

Thailand: Thailand does not lag in the race. With a Thailand holiday package provided by a reputable travel agency, you can visit some great aquariums, marine parks, and even safaris. Numerous other attractions make this a thoroughly recommended destination.

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