Keeping Things Romantic While Traveling

World travel is full of benefits for traveling couples – new experiences, intimacy, shared memories, and adventures – but keeping the romance alive can be difficult. Here are six romantic things you can do for free that are great for couples.

Enjoy the sunrise

Hence it may be necessary to set the alarm or two, but if you can’t take the time and make an effort to watch the sunrise together as a couple while traveling in some of the most beautiful destinations in the world, then when can you? Plan a picnic breakfast and find a scenic spot to enjoy the moment with your loved one.

Prepare your favorite foods

After a few too many street food dishes and meals out, you start craving your kitchen, or at least a kitchen you can rent for a few days. Self-catering accommodations aren’t entirely free, but they can be just as affordable, if not cheaper, than hotels and hostels. Spend a little money on candles and a decent bottle of wine to make the most of this precious experience.

Take a break from each other

There are many benefits to traveling alone for couples, and these can be applied to even a short time apart. Go to the local street market if you want to, but he doesn’t. If she doesn’t want to go for a hike to a nearby peak, but you do, then you go as well. Even just a few hours apart can be enough to make you miss someone, and you’ll have plenty to talk about when you get back.

Give it a try if it’s something you’ve never done before

Taking part in travel with your partner can be an extraordinary experience as it allows you to take advantage of new experiences and opportunities. There are some apparent thrills to enjoy as a couple for the first time – skydiving, bungee jumping, parasailing – but the activity you choose does not have to be extreme. Try new food, visit a museum about a topic you don’t know anything about, or travel differently, perhaps by camping or overlanding instead of flying. Scuba diving was a new low for us! Along with enjoying the overall experience, we also enjoyed helping each other learn and get through the complex parts. We had a great time together as well as a great team-building activity.

Create a shared travel journal

As a traveler, keeping a travel journal or diary is one of the best ways to remember and document your travels. Still, some people are better at maintaining journals than others, so it often becomes one person’s responsibility to keep everything up to date in a traveling couple. While this is perfectly fine, it can occasionally be very romantic to use the travel journal as a place to express how you feel about each other. Consider choosing Sundays to write down what you enjoyed doing together, what made you laugh, what made you smile. The deal, however, is that the other person can’t read that entry until the following Sunday, and then it’s their turn to comment.

Enjoy the sunset

The sunsets I’ve shared with my partner on our travels have been some of my most treasured memories. Sharing a beautiful evening with your partner in silence or over a couple of cocktails is one of the most romantic things to do while traveling. It can be as elaborate as a sunset cruise for your 30th or as simple as catching a dramatic pink sky.