Koh Phangan – A Tropical Beach Paradise

Koh Phangan, the infamous party island, probably sits somewhere near the bottom of your list when it comes to romantic getaways.

It has been said that this is the home of wild parties, buckets of booze, and the biggest Full Moon Party in the world. The beaches on this island are some of the best globally, something many people do not realize. Koh Phangan has everything you need for a dream destination with your loved one.

Koh Phangan
For five months last year, I lived on this beautiful island and fell in love with it. Beaches with white sand, crystal blue waters, massages under a canopy with the ocean breeze on your skin, sunset strolls… Pure bliss.

Haad Rin, the party beach town on the island, is flooded with revelers during full moon weekends. However, during the rest of the month, you can enjoy some R&R and a bit of seclusion on the island. For some hedonistic enjoyment, you can always head to the aforementioned Haad Rin, or better yet, the isolated Guys Bar on Haad Tien. There is no road leading to this part of the island, so the only way to get there is by taxi boat. On Fridays, this jungle bar hosts an intimate party that goes on until the sun rises.

If you’re not partying and would rather spend some quality time at the beach, here are some of my favorite beach spots:

Haad Salad Beach

The coastal road leading to this beach is simply beautiful. A motorbike ride to the beach is just as breathtaking. It’s a perfect cove with a few quaint eating establishments scattered around it. And the water is crystal clear and warm. A day of peaceful relaxation is complete with beautiful swings, soothing massage canopies, and fresh coconuts.

Thong Nai Pan Beach

This secluded beach can be reached only by a bumpy road that is ideal for adventurous couples. There’s only one way to get there, and once there, hopefully unscathed, you can enjoy cold beers and reggae music after a day spent sunbathing.

Koh Mar Island

A small secluded island just off the main island is an excellent snorkeling spot. Getting there requires a stroll across a sandbank, and make sure you don’t get caught in the tide.

Thailand Travel – Secret Beach

Yes, it’s not so ‘secret’ and has a pretty daft name, but believe me, it serves its purpose. Nudist couples will enjoy it. It is the most laid back of all the beaches, but, again, only islanders know that if you walk left along the coast towards the rocky area, clamber over the rocks. You will reach an isolated little cove where countless people have enjoyed some alfresco time. Okay, I know I’ve given away the ‘secret,’ but hey, isn’t the fear of getting caught all part of the fun? Don’t you think it’s a must on an island adventure to have sex overlooking the ocean, the sun beating down on your naked skin, and sand getting everywhere?

After a day of swimming and sunbathing, what could be better than a romantic dinner? There are many fresh seafood options on Koh Phangan, and the low cost makes it even more rewarding. The delights of exotic seafood meals would cost you a small fortune anywhere else in the world, regardless of whether you are a backpacker on a budget or a two-week holiday.

Additionally, whatever your budget, you can enjoy these glorious beaches in any style you like. There are beach huts with nothing more than a hammock and a big bed, or you can stay in a stunning villa with a private pool.

Whatever your preference, you can be sure that Koh Phangan will be an unforgettable romantic getaway.

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