A Visceral Tour of Madrid

As this romantic city enchants lovers, Madrid invites them to embrace its sensual delights and feel their hearts beat faster. From the coziest hotel in Madrid, spend a day exploring Madrid’s tastes, smells, sights, touches, sounds, and sights to trigger latent urges and spark fiery passions. Tastings Take a stroll off the beaten path to… Continue reading A Visceral Tour of Madrid

Camden Town and Camden Market

Our last weekend in London was approaching, and we were debating whether to visit Stonehenge or Camden Market. The Camden Markets were rated as fun, lively, and having great food and pubs by our Facebook fans, and Camden Town should always be part of any London vacation. In northwest London, Camden Town is home to… Continue reading Camden Town and Camden Market

Visiting Westminster London

London travel is synonymous with the Royal Family, Big Ben, and the Tower Bridge. When in London, you must visit Westminster if you wish to see many of London’s most famous attractions. A section of London known as The West End contains Westminster, the seat of the British government. Many of London’s major attractions are… Continue reading Visiting Westminster London