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In The Loose Couple, two married travelers have been together for over six years traveling around the world. Aside from adventure tours and press trips, they have experience with beach vacations, romantic getaways, hikes and camping, budget trips, road trips, and long-term backpacking trips worldwide. All of this has been accomplished with little to no fighting for this traveling couple.

Couple Traveling Together

Every time we travel as a couple, we get questions about it. Frequently, married couples, newlyweds, friends, and strangers ask how you manage all of these experiences and stay happy. A weekend getaway to the beach may be easy, but backpacking through Central and South America on a budget can be extremely challenging.

In the typical household, a couple only sees each other before work and in the evening. On a trip, you are left alone with each other the entire time, and that can be challenging.

We created The Loose Couple to share all our relationship tips and personal travel experiences so you can make your anniversary trip, weekend getaway, or backpacking adventure one of the most memorable experiences of your relationship. You can’t always expect everything to go smoothly, but you can minimize drama by being a considerate partner when planning your trip and during it.

Top Couple Travel Tips

From her:

It is never a good idea to force someone to do something they don’t enjoy.

From him:

Before your couples vacation, decide what you hope to gain from your trip and what kind of travel style you prefer.