Ranthambore National Park Safari Tour

There is nothing more exciting than spotting tigers in the wild. We had heard that Ranthambore National Park was one of the best places in India to see these incredible creatures, so we made our way to this mysterious place in Rajasthan. Our excitement was mounting, and we couldn’t wait to get started…

Unfortunately, we could not spot the elusive tiger on a tour that was cursed with bad luck.

Booking through our midrange hotel, we were expecting an exhilarating ride through this sprawling and beautiful park. There were whispers and apprehensions from the beginning, but Mr. Tiger never showed up. Upon our return, disappointed, we learned from some tourists at our evening restaurant that there are, in fact, six sectors in the park, and we had taken the tour in the worst sector. There had been very few tigers spotted in this section, and the tour guides took us there because it was cheaper.

Because this was pretty frustrating to hear, I thought I’d share some tips to make sure you don’t make the same mistake we did.

Top Safari Tips for Traveling in India

Research is important. Don’t be like us and show up expecting to be on the best tour. You can consult forums and talk to park guides about where to go in each sector of the park.

Give yourself a few days. We didn’t return to the park because of our budget, but if you have the time and a few extra rupees, you should take two or more tours (sunrise and sunset) to maximize your chances of seeing them.

As for safari etiquette, I think the sheer noise of the other safari vehicles is one of the reasons we didn’t see as much as we had hoped. Often, we were parked next to a jeep filled with loud Indian or foreign tourists who talked loudly and had babies. Safaris should be peaceful, and if other people disturb you or disrupt your experience, speak up! Tell your safari guide to take you somewhere quieter if you want to.


Having missed seeing these endangered species, I am determined to go back, and let me assure you, and I know exactly where I’ll stay!

What could be more attractive than combining nature and some of its most captivating creatures with a bit of romance in a luxurious resort in such a romantic country as India?

Since I first heard about Khem Villas, I have been captivated. Cottages and tents with stylish designs line the park. There is no better place to stay than this luxury campstead.

There are budget, mid-range, and luxury hotels around Ranthambore, so choose what suits you best, remember my few tips, and enjoy another wonderful part of India.