A Visceral Tour of Madrid

As this romantic city enchants lovers, Madrid invites them to embrace its sensual delights and feel their hearts beat faster. From the coziest hotel in Madrid, spend a day exploring Madrid’s tastes, smells, sights, touches, sounds, and sights to trigger latent urges and spark fiery passions.


Take a stroll off the beaten path to Chocolat, a modest yet brilliant chocolate shop on Calle de Santa Mara in the Letras neighborhood. This family-run cafĂ© has charm, and its friendly staff will warm your cockles with their cookie, cake, and candy creations. Send your taste buds into a state of bliss and release your pleasure endorphins when you try the best hot chocolate con churros in Madrid, served fresh with all the trimmings. They also offer a light breakfast with rich coffee and fresh orange juice to power you up for more of Milan’s romantic indulgences.

The next stop is a restaurant in the Chueca neighborhood, where your sense of smell will be delighted. Visit a fragrance counter where exquisite perfumes and colognes are arranged on shelves according to their base aromas (amber, citrus, cinnamon, etc.). Ask your partner what base aroma enhances your natural muskiness, then do the same for them. Set about testing lighter scents until you find the one that triggers your desires. It is possible to create your custom blend or buy pre-formulated designer scents for a pretty price. You’ll leave the shop engulfed in a perfume cloud, even if you only try some samples.


The National Museum of Romanticism in Chueca neighborhood, housed in an 18th-century mansion at 13 Calle de San Mateo. You can stroll hand-in-hand through elegant rooms adorned with artifacts from the late 19th century when the Spanish Romantic Movement made the common person the hero instead of the aristocracy. You will be seduced by the mystical atmosphere created by the portraits, porcelain figurines, gilded mirrors, and fine furniture that tempts you to look beyond the surface to discover the hidden message left by these passionate patriots.

Experience a luxurious Arabic-style pleasure house at 126 Calle Ayala in the Salamanca neighborhood. You will simultaneously be relaxed and revived as you shed the last vestiges of tension and fatigue! You will find the tea house on the first floor where you can drink fresh herbal infusions that detoxify your body and nibble selections from the artisan bakery that boost your immunity. As you ascend to the second floor, where the real magic happens, you will be pleasantly hydrated and infused with natural relaxants. An esthetician uses Dead Sea salt mitts to exfoliate your skin after a pore-opening sauna. On the next level, you take a relaxing bath in water infused with oils and spices to nourish your skin. Finally, you’ll receive an aromatic heat treatment that eliminates toxins, stimulates blood circulation, and revitalizes tired muscles.


Experience one of the world’s most erotic dance and music spectacles as the evening falls at the ‘cathedral of flamenco.’ Just watching these flamenco artists arouses deep emotions and unleashes passions. Michelin Guide-recommended, you and your loved one can end your day with a full authentic Spanish dinner while the floorboards shake from the power of the lusty performances.